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Why You Should Not Sign Any Paperwork After a Truck Accident

Why You Should Not Sign Any Paperwork After a Truck Accident Before Meeting an Attorney

If you were involved in a car accident with a truck driver in Cerritos, you need to remain aware and knowledgeable of the consequences that can come from signing any paperwork without an attorney reviewing the documents first. Providing a statement or signing anything could take away your chances of getting compensation, and it may render any other legal arguments you make against the insurance company useless. Here are some details to keep in mind before communicating with the truck company’s insurance and how a truck accident lawyer can help guide you through the process.

Do Not Sign Anything

Most insurance companies don’t have your best interest in mind. They will ask you to sign paperwork, making it appear like it is a simple acknowledgment that you were involved in an accident. However, in many cases, what is being asked in the fine print is an acknowledgment that you were at fault for the accident. Therefore, you absorb liability from them, so they will not have to pay you the compensation you deserve.

In other instances, truck accident victims settle too soon. After agreeing to an early settlement offer and approving that amount with a signature, you lose all opportunity to negotiate a higher settlement. In addition, most victims are unaware of how much their personal injury case is actually worth, making them more prone to accept a lowball offer from the insurance companies while under the impression they are being offered a fair amount.

A truck accident lawyer can help you sort through all the paperwork after a semi truck accident and make sure that you are not signing a paper that will prevent you from receiving all the compensation you are legally entitled to.

Paperwork You Shouldn’t Sign Without a Lawyer

The stress caused by a truck accident makes many people sign paperwork without first consulting a truck accident attorney. There are major consequences after doing this. Don’t sign any of the following documents if the at-fault party’s insurance company asks you to do so.

Early settlement offers after the truck accident: The insurance company will probably offer you some money right after the accident to pay for your damages, medical bills, pain, and suffering. Ensure you know how much future medical treatment you’ll need before accepting any offer because once you sign, you’re preventing your right to get future bill payments.

Medical authorization: You give the insurer the right to get your complete medical history when you sign a medical authorization. The insurance company uses this document to get all your medical records and bills from your providers. There is no going back once you sign, and you might not be able to get total compensation for future medical problems related to the truck accident.

Release of liability: You should not sign this form unless you are ready and willing to release your claim. Once you sign the release, your truck accident claim is gone, and you have no right to recover further compensation for medical needs or other damages.

Affidavit: Signing an affidavit stating what happened before, during, and after a truck accident could ruin your case. The information could be incorrect or forget to mention key details. You should never sign an affidavit without your truck accident attorney because you cannot make changes to the document after you sign your name.

Why Contact a Cerritos Truck Accident Lawyer Before Signing Paperwork

Truck accident cases can be complicated to navigate. Before signing paperwork, it is crucial to speak with a truck accident lawyer first. A good rule of thumb is to have your attorney go through all documents; they can help you review the true nature of your injuries and determine what your claim is worth before signing any paper. A truck accident lawyer can do the following.

Determining liability

Determining liability in a trucking accident can be highly complicated and require extensive knowledge of truck regulations, technical expertise, and tenacity. An investigation proving fault on the trucker and/or trucking company must be conducted. Even a police report may prove useful. If this is not concluded, it will be easier for insurers to place the blame on victims or not accept full accountability. Fortunately, a Cerritos truck accident lawyer can help identify liability and get compensation from the negligent party.

Maximizing the value of your claim

Most people don’t understand the complexities of signing truck accident paperwork. You could get the least amount of compensation if you sign any document without your Cerritos truck accident lawyer. Before agreeing to a settlement, all of the damages must be established, such as past and potential future medical treatment, all out-of-pocket expenses for vehicle repairs and related costs, or loss of income from missing work.

While there are a number of financial losses that can be accounted for, fortunately, an experienced lawyer can help you determine all areas of compensation.

Negotiating with insurance companies

Personal injury lawyers can protect you from saying or doing anything that might hurt your personal injury case. To negotiate a favorable settlement, a truck accident lawyer will investigate the crash, determine damages, and file a suit against the liable party.

When victims retain legal counsel, it shows insurers that they are ready to take on a legal battle. A qualified attorney will be prepared to litigate the case and take it to court before a judge and jury, as well.

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Personal injury cases involving truck accidents can be complex, especially with multiple parties and their insurance adjuster involved. You’ll need to have expert legal representation by your side. Here at Heritage Accident Lawyers, our team of truck accident lawyers are dedicated to helping truck accident victims seek justice and get the full and fair personal injury settlement they deserve.

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